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 Tantra is the systematic use of body and its parts for self-transformation and self-realization. The body and the perceptual mind constitute the lower self. Mantra is a set of scared syllables, which is used in a vedic rituals as citation to a diety or a number of deities. They form part of the vedic hymns,which are found in the samhita section of the Vedas. Someone might have question that Is really tantra-mantra is effective or could have negative impact? So, firstly tantra mantra is not always negative, when we focus on mind in the meditation using syllable OM, we are using mantra. When we pray, we’re using mantra, when we worship, we are doing tantra. So, we see whatever we say, chant, or memorize is the mantra, and whatever rituals we do becomes the tantra.

Vashikaran Mantra Lady Astrologer

Vashikaran mantra is the traditional process which is followed from our ancient time. Tantra stands for the body power and mantra stands for the mind power. In the practice of the tantras , the organs of actions and the organs of perception are active whereas, in the practice of mantras, the mind and intelligence are active.

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